Partial List of Current and Former Clients

World Mission University
“When we began working with Agron & Associates, we had no idea how to operate as an accredited school. With Dr. Agron’s help, we achieved ‘Candidacy with Commendation.’ Now he is helping us with the self-study for full accreditation. We expect to achieve accreditation at least a year ahead of the standard schedule.”
Update: This school achieved full graduate and bachelors accreditation two years ahead of the standard ABHE schedule.

Azusa Pacific University
“Agron & Associate’s extensive knowledge of higher education, including your knowledge of distance education and the WASC process for substantive changes, were key ingredients in our division’s development of a strategic plan. Your team went above and beyond all expectations in delivering a plan and presentation of extraordinary quality, despite an aggressive schedule and high expectations. Our executive leadership team was favorably impressed with your collective professionalism.”

KPCA College & Theological Seminary
“When we ran into trouble with our accrediting agency, an accrediting agency official told us to get a good consultant. When I told him we were planning to use Agron & Associates, he replied, ‘If you use Agron, you won’t have any problems.’ He was right. Our most recent report from the accrediting agency was very encouraging.”
Update : This school achieved Candidate Membership with the ABHE.

Horizon College San Diego
“We have been playing with the idea of accreditation for years, but when we finally became serious we were referred to Agron and Associates. That was a useful referral. They have made what appeared to be an impossible task very possible. We are confident that with God’s grace and the assistance of Agron and Associates that we will attain full accreditation in the most expedient manner possible.”

Alliance Evangelical Divinity School
Compliance Document

American Evangelical University

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