Our Mission

Raising Up Christian Colleges In …

★ Quality

★ Quantity

★ Reputation

★ and impact for the Kingdom of God.

Enabling schools to become worthy of accreditation:

By using accreditation processes to set up organizational systems and to mentor college administrators, the school (and it’s administrators) will become highly effective in many aspects (e.g., curriculum, faculty, fundraising, student recruiting, board and governance, achievement of mission, student services, … and so much more).


Why do we have such a good track record in helping small Christian schools achieve accreditation?

It is the ability, experience, and deep Christian commitment of associates like these that has enabled us to earn the respect of accrediting agency executives.

Schools bear fruit by impacting their students so that the students will bear more fruit as a result of their training. Agron and Associates, Inc. bears fruit by helping schools to become more effective at impacting students in these ways. In other words, students are evaluated by their professors while in school. Perhaps schools (and our consulting service) may be evaluated by God on the basis of how students are impacted as a result of our educational (and consulting) ministries.

Achieving accreditation helps schools impart degrees that will give students increased opportunities. Our facilitating the achievement of this status (i.e. accreditation) is one way we can help schools become more effective. However, we would never want this status to become an idol. Schools are tools and their development is never an end in itself. Our goal is to facilitate achievement of accreditation that is well deserved, not to impart the status in name only. We aim to facilitate development of programs that are of a quality that is well worthy of accreditation. Trying to fool an accrediting agency into thinking that a school is worthy of accreditation (when it is not) would be no better than building with wood, hay and stubble. God will judge such work as merely building our own kingdoms. We at Agron & Associates, Inc. are committed to building on the foundation of Jesus Christ (i.e. we aspire to help schools develop quality that glorifies God) and to build in a manner worthy of our calling (i.e. with gold, silver and precious stones). All this assumes that we are building on the foundation of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 3:11-14).

Fundraising is also important to schools. In its earliest stages of development, a school may only be receiving funds from two or three sources (e.g. tuition, a sponsoring church, a couple of wealthy board members). To develop financial stability and the funds to become a more effective training institution, a school needs to develop multiple streams of income. In fact, accrediting agencies expect schools to broaden the financial base that supports them. However, it is important to keep fundraising in perspective. Again, a school is a tool. The development of a school (e.g. increasing its buildings, number of students, status) is not an end in itself. Therefore, we do not help schools raise money without seeing that they are also working toward the quality improvement that fulfills the purposes God has for them. This helps us fulfill our own calling of facilitating educational and training programs so that they will be both faithful to God’s purposes for them and be strengthened in their ability to carry out those purposes.

As servants of Christ and His body, we are also committed to helping the Church to see and take hold of strategic opportunities that relate to training and education (i.e. educational vouchers, use of the arts in training, competency based mission training, facilitation of the non-Western mission movement).