Ready to Begin Accreditation?

We will use your answers to both evaluate your preparedness and to suggest ways to be better prepared to seek accreditation.


    1. Number of students enrolled (headcount):

    2. Number of faculty:

    3. Number of faculty with accredited graduate degrees:

    4. Number of full-time faculty, staff, and administrators:

    5. Number of Volumes in your library:

    6. Annual Budget:

    Which of the following are concerns for your school?

    7. You lack team members who know the process.*


    8. You want to progress more quickly.*


    9. You need to generate the funds to pursue accreditation.*


    10. You are concerned about whether accreditation will help you maintain your spiritual mission.*


    Please rate how interested your school is in achieving each of the following benefits.

    11. Increasing the professional reputation of your school (thus helping to increase student enrollment and attract donors).

    12. Increase the value of your degrees (e.g. so that your graduates can have greater employability or can further their studies at another accredited graduate school, thus helping your with student enrollment).

    13. Qualify to distribute Federal Student Financial Aid funds.

    14. Use the accreditation process to develop procedures to continually upgrade the quality of your school.

    15. Bear fruit by better equipping students.

    16. How did you find out about us?*

    Online search engineAccreditation 101 PodcastChristian Academia PodcastChristian Academia MagazineWebinarBooth at a conference (e.g., ABACC, ABHE, CCCU, TRACS or other conference)EmailMailReferralOther

    17. If you chose “Other” for Question 16 please specify. If you were referred please specify by whom.

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