Assessment Services

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Assessment Services

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Assessment is probably the most difficult part of maintaining accreditation.  It is not uncommon for schools to get in trouble in this area when undergoing reaffirmation of their accreditation.  At Agron & Associates, Inc., we solve this problem.


Destination Assessment

  1. Prepare Assessment Plan
        a. Design PLOs to achieve all ILOs
        b. Develop PLO instruments
        c. Develop schedule & logistics
  2. Annual Report
        a. Send scheduled instruments to departments
        b. Crunch data
        c. Send data to departments
        d. Receive observations & suggestions from departments
        e. Add observations & suggestions
        f. Prepare initial report
        g. Revisions
            – Send back to assigned departments
            – Send to administration
        h. Finalize Report
        i. Close the loop
            – Incorporate in Strategic Plan & Budget

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