Pre-Accreditation Mentoring Group

Do you hope to be accredited…SOMEDAY?  Maybe you will want to offer Federal Student Financial Aid, increase transferability and increase the confidence of your prospects.  While we specialize in helping small Christian colleges achieve accreditation, we also mentor schools before they are ready to apply.

For a mere $49 per month, we have a monthly mentoring meeting that covers topics such as:

  • Presidential Leadership Priorities
  • Recruiting Students
  • Curriculum Requirements
  • Fundraising
  • Creating a Board that is Useful to Small Christian Colleges
  • Creating an Alumni Association that is Useful to Small Christian Colleges
  • Effective Distance Education
  • Differences between Accrediting Agencies (e.g., how to choose)
  • Etc.

We may be your first step toward accreditation.  And if accreditation is not your goal, this program will certainly strengthen your school.


Small School Mentoring Workshops

(Early Registration: $49 / Late Registration: $59)


Other Payments

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