Small School Mentoring Workshops

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Growing Your Library without Spending Money

Armand Ternak – Sept 8, 2021 

While developing your library can be so very expensive, there are many sources of free information, materials, equipment and even staff. With over 39 years of experience as the director of university and public libraries, Armand Ternak wants to show you where to find . . .

  • Free online databases
  • Free print materials
  • Free furniture, computers and equipment
  • Free staff

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How to Develop a Board of Directors That Is a Real Help to Your Small Christian College

John Curtis – Oct 13. 2021

An effective board is crucial for any school, especially a school with a Christian mission. A properly engaged board provides real help in developing your school. By the end of this session, you will learn how to use the following three pillars of a powerful board:

  1. Empowered Culture
  2. Right Members
  3. Targeted Rewards

With these three pillars, you will be able to . . .

  • develop a high impact board within the framework of a specific plan that targets goals for board development, and
  • ensure your school’s sustainability by objectively measuring results of the board.

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Recruiting, Retaining and Developing Faculty

Jim Adams – Nov 10, 2021
Overcome the challenge of finding and hiring great faculty members at a small Christian college.

By the end of this workshop you will discover . . .

  • good sources for finding faculty members,
  • how to effectively use search committees and position descriptions,
  • when a recruiter or recruiting website is a good option,
  • how to develop your faculty, and
  • the pros and cons of when to use adjuncts versus full-time professors.

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Dealing with Destructive Behavior on Campus

Bruce Cannon – Dec 9, 2021
As destructive behavior escalates in society, it is becoming more common on Christian campuses, too. Get equipped to identify and peacefully handle destructive behavior by board members, administrators, faculty, and students.

By the end of the workshop, you will be equipped to . . .

  • spot personality traits that can lead to conflict and destructive behavior,
  • respond to those above you who display destructive behavior,
  • respond to colleagues around you who display destructive behavior,
  • respond to students who display destructive behavior,
  • understand general principles of biblical conflict management, and
  • engage in questions and answer dialogue(if time permits).

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Are You Ready to Start Marketing Your School?

Shari Gannon – Jan 12, 2022
Every school has a story. Every story needs to be told. So, what’s your story? What makes your school unique from all the others? Do you have a niche? Every school or business needs to have a brand foundation developed before they can truly market their idea. In this workshop, we will review your current brand and existing marketing materials and determine if you are ready to market your school. After the review, we will identify the foundational pieces that you still need to successfully market yourself and capture the results you want.

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To Be Announced

Feb 9, 2022
Details to be announced.


Using Marketing to Attract THE RIGHT Students to Your School

Shari Gannon – Mar 9, 2022


Before you started your school, you may have noticed something missing from the other schools in your area or felt your methods would be better or more effective in educating students that would make them more successful after graduation. You dreamt of what classes you were going to offer, how you were going to run them, who you were going to serve and a multitude of other ideas that gave you a good reason to open a school in the first place.

In the early stages of any school, the common goal is to get as many students enrolled for classes as possible, no matter who they are. But, let’s face it, NOT EVERYONE is a good fit for your school and THAT’S OKAY. 

In this workshop, we will determine who your ideal target market is based on your niche and discuss marketing strategies that will attract the right students.

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Other Payments

Free Consultation List

One free consultation per topic of your choice. One free consultation per month.

Accreditation, etc.

  • How to Achieve Accreditation, Timelines, Costs, Procedures…
  • Self-study
  • Assessment

Marketing, Fundraising & Recruiting Students

  • First Steps to Marketing Your School on a Budget
  • Identifying Your Best Marketing Niche for Growth
  • How to Market to Your Best Niche (e.g., Social Media, How to Select Content and Images, What to Put on and Leave off a Website)
  • Digital Marketing Strategies for Social Media, Search Engines, Email, Blogs…
  • Brief Review of Your Marketing Materials (e.g., website, social media, brochures)
  • How to Start an Alumni Association That Is Useful to a Small Christian College
  • Planning Academic Programs That Attract Students
  • Cultivating Major Donors
  • How to Do Donor-Driven, Major Gifts Fundraising

Mission, Purpose & Spiritual Issues

  • Strategies for Facilitating Spiritual Life on Campus
  • The Spiritually Accountable Colleges Assessment Project
  • Dealing With Mission Drift


  • How to Develop a Board That Is a Real Help to Your Small Christian School
  • The President's Relationships: Board, Staff, Faculty, Donors, Churches…
  • The President’s Role in Hospitality
  • Finding Resources for an Effective Presidency
  • Dealing With Destructive Behavior on Campus (e.g., from leadership, board members, team members, faculty…)


  • Recruiting, Retaining and Developing Faculty

Distance Education

  • Distance Education


  • Growing Your Library Without Spending Money (free online databases, materials, equipment, staff, etc.)


  • Budget Planning

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