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Christian Academia Magazine Podcast
Designed to provide you with discussions to help you better serve God through your work. Practical podcasts that can contribute to you and your colleagues meeting your accrediting agency’s requirement for ongoing professional development.

Accreditation101 Podcast
Information about how to develop a school. Typical topics of discussion are: Writing a self-study (i.e., compliance document, institutional research plan, strategic plan), Handbooks, College Fund-raising, Faculty, Student Recruiting, Distance Education Programs, Orienting and Training Board Members (including their responsibility to support the school), Choosing an accrediting agency, Preparing for a team visit (and other visits from your accrediting agency staff).

A Re-Education Camp Survival Kit
Everything You Need to Survive Four Years of Indoctrination. How do you survive four years of indoctrination with a good sense of humor (not to mention surviving with your sanity)?  Perhaps it will help to calculate how much tuition is paid for your professor’s monologues on politics.  “What does her opinion of the president have to do with English Composition anyway?”